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PumpTrax Well Pump Puller GeoTrax Geo Pipe Feeder Landfill Trax (vertical & slope wells)
Live Lock "Always Holding" Pipe Clamp Quick Fish
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PumpTrax Well Pump Puller PumpTrax Well Pump Puller

"The Ultimate Well Pump Puller"

Well pump Puller, Well Pipe Picker, Pump Hoist, Hoist Truck Landfill Trax

Pulls and installs LFG pumps quickly and safely

GeoTrax Titan XL Pipe Feeder GeoTrax Titan XL Pipe Feeder

The GeoTrax Titan is the ultimate pipe feeder.  With easy to change tires to fit the exact pipe size for maximum grip.

"Live" Lock Safety Pipe Clamp 1"-2" "Live" Lock Safety Pipe Clamp 1"-2"

Introducing the Cadillac of the pipe clamp community!  Live Lock can be used with any PumpTrax, hoist truck, portable puller or for pulling by hand. It will sit directly on the casing or can snap onto any existing PumpTrax. . Die's are $125.00 per set.

Our price: $695.00
"Quick Fish" Pump Retrieval "Quick Fish" Pump Retrieval

Will grab the wire every time!

Our price: $495.00