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Testimonials of PumpTrax Job-Site Saves

"Used our new PumpTrax on 1-1/4" PVC that hasn't been changed in 30 years! The ground was so wet. If we had to use our crane truck we would have torn up that yard and probably have gotten stuck."


"Today's jobsite was where it was impossible to get my truck to access the well and would have been impossible to do by hand. Before owning my PumpTrax Well Pump Puller I might have had to pass on the job....but not today. The well was a 3hp at about 220 feet on 1-1/4" PVC. Took about 50 minutes 55 minutes to pull it out and about 45 minutes to put it back in. Started the job at 9:30am. After plumbing, hookup and cleanup I was pulling away from the job at 1:30pm. Thanks again."

- Gary Conway (Gary's Well and Pump Service) Macs Creek, MO. (1ST GEN PUMPTRAX, 675LBS RATED)

"I pulled a tight space pump this morning. It was right next to the house in a little well house. The job had overhead electric lines which made it impossible to use a crane truck. The pump was set on 280' of pvc stick pipe. PumpTrax worked perfect and it was 28 degrees with ice all over it and no slipping! We were in and out of there in about 3 hours! Thanks again!"

- Gary Conway (Gary's Well and Pump Service) Macs Creek, MO. (1ST GEN PUMPTRAX, 675LBS RATED)

"We used PumpTrax today for a doozy! A not so intelligent person built an addition over the well?? It was about 7 ft. into the crawl space. There was about 4 ft. of height (luckily the floor joist ran towards the door). We chiseled 6" of grout from around the casing and dug down so we could cut the casing close to the ground. Placed PumpTrax's H-frame over the casing. Lifted pump and casing and dogged it off. Cut well seal off and removed casing. Put trolleys on frame and pulled pump. Barely had head room to get pump out! Once again used PumpTrax to do the impossible!"

- Scott Garland (Appalachian Well Drilling) Newland, NC (1ST GEN PUMPTRAX, 675LBS RATED)

Customer Photo Submissions

- Mike Grisson, (Braxton Plumbing) Waynesboro, PA (2nd GEN PUMPTRAX, 1000LBS RATED)

- Jay (GenPro Power Systems) Quarkertown, PA (2nd GEN PUMPTRAX, 1000LBS RATED)

- Twyla M. (A & S Pump Service) Sanger, CA (2nd GEN PUMPTRAX, 1000LBS RATED)

- Stu Alford, (Alford Plumbing) Hampstead, MD (2nd GEN PUMPTRAX, 1000LBS RATED)

- Scott G. (Appalachian Well Drilling) Newland, NC (1ST GEN PUMPTRAX, 675LBS RATED)