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PumpTrax Well Pump Puller PumpTrax Well Pump Puller

"The Ultimate Well Pump Puller"

GeoTrax Geothermal Pipe Feeder GeoTrax Geothermal Pipe Feeder

The secret is out! GeoTrax is the best thing to hit the Geo job site in a long time. Fatigued workers = Slower installs PERIOD

Water Proof Cover Water Proof Cover

Waterproof cover used for PumpTrax machines that are stored outside.

Pipe Holder Lasso (Safety Pipe Dog) Pipe Holder Lasso (Safety Pipe Dog)

RHR Products is proud to introduce the “Live Lock” Pipe holder. Use this on our PumpTrax well pump puller or independently by placing it around casing.

Our Price: $225.00
PumpTrax Hose extensions PumpTrax Hose extensions

Click the picture to learn about PumpTrax!

PT Hydraulic Winch PT Hydraulic Winch

PumpTrax new winch uses a pulley system with a 6000 lbs nylon strap.

Our Price: $295.00
Well pump Puller, Well Pipe Picker, Pump Hoist, Hoist Truck WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM

Wireless System still allows you to control your machine manually.

Stacked Trax Stacked Trax

Unlock your PumpTrax to a 2,000lbs lifting beast!  Yes 2,000lbs!  The second set of Trolleys are there to give you the extra confidence and grip on the heaviest of heavy jobs.

Our Price: $2,995.00